Promescent Review: Knowing More About This Great Product

About 50% of the population of men experience premature ejaculation. Though this is a common issue on men, it does not mean that you simply live with it. To those who are having some problem in dealing with this condition, a product that could help is Promescent. This product is a delay spray which is quite popular today when it comes to helping men temporarily address quick ejaculation. It is the reason why this Promescent review was made.

Promescent Review: Causes of PE Problem

The first possible cause of this problem on men is genes. It is possible that this condition was passed to you genetically. A more popular culprit for premature ejaculation is excessive masturbation. It is normal that men would know first how to masturbate prior to engaging into any sexual activity. Unfortunately, when one does it too often, it could result to quick ejaculation. It usually happens when you always aim to satisfy yourself quickly. The problem could become worse since a lot of men often don’t have enough knowledge about premature ejaculation. There are also men who are just more sensitive than others. With this, they are easily aroused which results to ejaculation in early stage of sex.

The Promescent Delay Spray

This Promescent review is created to help men know more about this effective product. It is now becoming popular in the market for it produces great results and do not have any side effects. In using this product, you don’t have to do some various exercises on the ejaculatory reflex. It could be used right after buying it. Promescent aims to provide a fast and reliable solution for premature ejaculation. All you need to do is spray it into the penis 10-15 minutes before sex. This will give enough time for the skin to absorb the product. After this, you are now ready to make love with your lady.

You certainly could trust the product for it is FDA approved. It simply means that it is safe to use and pretty much effective. Compared to other delay spray in the market, Promescent is applied with a technology that allows quicker absorption. With this, there is no chance that this product would be transferred to your partner.

Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation for a long time should not worry anymore. This Promescent review proved that a product is now available to help them effectively last longer in bed and satisfy their partner amidst their condition.

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Increase Seminal Fluid for a Better Sex Life

If you aim to improve your sex life, it is a good idea to know more about how to increase seminal fluid. Men do not only feel better about their orgasm when they could increase the amount of their semen, it could also help intensify the orgasm of their partner. It has also been found that the more semen a man has, the longer time he could stay in erection without ejaculating. This means great pleasure for your lady.

How to Increase Seminal Fluid: Eating the Right Foods

See to it that you know the foods you need to eat that could prevent the better development of semen. With this, you know what to avoid. Your physical efforts to increase seminal fluid would be wasted when you continue to eat foods that could affect production of semen. You really have to change your diet if you want more amount of semen when you cum. You need to stop eating foods which are rich in fats and alcohol. You also need to stop drinking soda and coffee for these are rich in caffeine. To keep you hydrated, all you have to do is drink water. Also, if you are into smoking, you need to stop immediately if you want to see results on your efforts on how to increase seminal fluid.

After knowing the foods and bad habits to avoid, there are some foods that could help you achieve your goal. Eat more foods which are rich in zinc such as beans, nuts, red meats, turkey and lamb. All of these could help increase your semen volume. You should also try eating more oysters since it is known to have high content of zinc. For your body to be well-nourished, do not forget to eat more fruits and vegetables. This helps a lot not only in improving the volume of your sperm but also keeping it healthy.

Taking Herbal Supplement

There are also now a lot of herbal supplements in the market that promises to help you when it comes to your goal on how to increase seminal fluid. You simply have to make sure that you do a thorough research before trusting any of these products. Not all supplements sold in the market could work well on you. Better try those that had already worked for other men.

Lastly, you need to start a regular exercise routine. Nothing could beat having a healthy body for it could help your body function well and better. This includes improving your capacity to produce more semen. Learn more about the King Cum More secrets in order to shoot a bigger amount of sperm.

Ejaculation by Command Review

Too Fast Again: Not Anymore With Ejaculation by Command

All men have moments when they are stressed or too tired for anything. Yes, anything except sex as men are said to think about it at least ten times a day if not more. For some men this thought is what makes them look forward to the end of the day while for others it is a nightmare that happens each time they are with their female partner. About some 30% of men ejaculate too soon in not more than 2 minutes after or before penetration which has a negative impact not only on their love lives, but also on their overall confidence. Premature ejaculation is a common condition among men of all ages and occupations. Men deal with it differently, some keep it a secret while others look for professional help. What they all have in common is that awful feeling of despair when they ejaculate quickly, leaving their partner unhappy. Luckily, there is hope – in the form of a little e-book called Ejaculation by Command.

Overcome Your Biggest Fear

To treat premature ejaculation, men should develop deeper awareness of all the processes, feelings and sensations they have during sexual intercourse. The first most important impulse a man must be able to recognize and control is his urge to ejaculate. If well concentrated on what happens in his body during intercourse, any man can feel that moment just seconds from ejaculating. When he comes to that point there is no turning back so it is important for a man to slow down and let his arousal to drop. The problem with men who ejaculate quickly is that when they feel that moment coming they follow their instincts. Men are advised to practice the start-stop method of masturbation and the book goes into details about how to masturbate for gaining control over ejaculation.

Another useful way to stop premature ejaculation is to avoid drug or alcohol abuse because you need a clear brain to focus on different body sensations during intercourse, not only on your penis. When you are about to orgasm your whole body is tense, especially your buttocks and PC muscles. If you want to prolong sexual intercourse and ejaculate on command then try deep breathing to relax or simply swing your hips backwards and forwards. With slow breathing you will also slow down the ejaculation process and learn how to control your urge to climax naturally.

Knowledge Is Power

Although you may think you know everything about sex, the Ejaculation by Command pdf e-book by Lloyd Lester will come as a surprise for even the best lovers. You will learn effective tricks to stop premature ejaculation that no one has ever told you before, your confidence level will rise again and you will never again have to experience that humiliating feeling of failure in bed. The program treats premature ejaculation as a psychological and physical problem that is best solved by a set of exercises which if practiced regularly lead to success. You can use the program on your own or with a partner and not only if you suffer from premature ejaculation but also in case you wish to become that lover every woman remembers with a smile.

Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave

Premature ejaculation is something most men are familiar with either because they suffer from it or they know someone who does. Men often think other guys can last in bed for hours or for as long as they wish, which is only a myth that makes those quick in sex more miserable about their premature ejaculation condition. The problem with PE is that about 30% of men ejaculate before the penetration or soon after it leaving their girlfriends dissatisfied and even they do not say anything, men know things are terribly wrong in bed. One man admitted he had not done anything about his PE until the moment he met the woman of his dreams. This is when he became aware he should do something  to prolong his sexual performance. Premature ejaculation is caused by two main set of factors, psychological and physical which are present in most cases. Speaking of psychological issues, men can have mixed feelings about sexual intercourse such as fear, guilt or unresolved conflicts from the past. When you add physical factors such as weak PC muscles or over sensitive penis then it is understandable why most treatments last for weeks if not months. Good thing is men can choose between natural and unnatural treatments that can cure PE permanently so every man can last longer in bed without ejaculating too soon.

What Is Unique About Ejaculation Guru

This e-book is one way of treating your PE naturally without drugs, sprays or creams. It aims at strengthening both your mind and your body by practicing several exercises and sex positions. The book is unique in the sense that it approaches the ejaculation problem from both psychological and physical angle. The author teaches men step by step about proper breathing, masturbation techniques, sexual positions and visualization. Some of the tips are appreciated even by men who do not have PE issues, but want to know more about sexuality.

Visualisation – Your Powerful Thoughts

Men with PE are often nervous about the sexual intercourse with their whole body being tensed. This results in quick ejaculation as this is your body’s response to tension. If you try to see yourself as a calm, relaxed guy it is more likely that you will not ejaculate too soon and that your sexual performance will be better than usual.

Masturbation – Your Key To Longer Sex

If you are used to masturbating to achieve orgasm fast then you are to be surprised. The book teaches guys about the importance of masturbating for as long as you would like your sexual intercourse to last. When you feel you are on the verge of ejaculation, pause then continue. This way you will be able to stop your urge to ejaculate too soon.

Change Positions

The author insists on changing positions during intercourse and as soon as you feel like ejaculating. This delays orgasm giving your body some time to relax with less stimulation.

Ejaculation Guru is not a miracle but the way it works may be close to it. All you need to become a perfect lover is some of your  time. The rest is in the e-book. For more information and an in depth review about the Ejaculation Guru, the website Ejaculation Treatment has come up with a great unbiased and unilateral review about Jack Grave’s ebook.

Ejaculation Trainer Review

When Men Fail

For about thirty to forty percent of men this is a familiar scenario. You prepared everything for a romantic date, cleaned your flat and made dinner for that special woman in your life. She finally arrives and you are so excited you cannot wait to make love to her. When the moment comes for you two to enjoy you just fail again. This leaves you both disappointed and what is more you do not have any reasonable explanation for your weakness. You may have it for the first time in your life or it may have happened before. The condition called premature ejaculation is not a disease though and happens to almost forty percent of men of all ages. It is very rarely caused by physical factors and more often by psychological ones. There is no need to panic about it because there are various treatments available that can help you control ejaculation and last longer in bed.

Benefits Of Ejaculation Trainer

With premature ejaculation it is important to address the underlying issues that can lead to men ejaculating in less than five minutes such as feelings of guilt,anxiety or too much excitement. With natural approach to treating PE, men learn how to strengthen their PC muscles, relax and what their bad habits are when it comes to sexual intercourse. Some men simply learnt it the wrong way thinking that they can only please a woman if they never fail or stay aroused for hours. This is only a myth which causes anxiety and stress. The Ejaculation Trainer offers a solution for premature ejaculation in the form of exercises suitable for every man.

Secrets Revealed

The first type of exercises teaches you how to control your mind. We all know how important the power of mind is for a man when it comes to sexual performance. The Ejaculation Trainer aims at visualization techniques during the intercourse and men learn that sex starts and ends in their minds rather than their bodies. When your mind is relaxed without any stressful thoughts or worries, you will certainly be able to enjoy more and to control when you ejaculate.
The second set deals with educating men about the importance of their PC muscles and proper breathing for a successful performance in bed. The Ejaculation Trainer recommends the Kegel exercises for strengthening those muscles responsible for erectyle functions. You can also control your arousal by breathing techniques decreasing the tension in your body.
Not only the Ejaculation Trainer helps with mental and physical control over ejaculation processes but it also teaches you how to gain control over two most important hormones, Dopamine and Serotonin. The levels of the hormones need to be balanced in order to stop quick ejaculation.
One of the most successful methods for treating premature ejaculation, the Ejaculation Trainer is worth trying as it allows you to understand the root to the problem and the earlier you discover it the sooner will you be able to improve your love making. You will change your sexual routine but as the method is natural, your attitude towards life and love will be affected too. Make sure you read through a comprehensive Ejaculation Trainer review before purchasing the program, and always consult with a doctor before pursuing any treatment on your own.

All About Kegel Exercises For Men

image 2Most of the people think that kegel exercises are performed only by women.. There are many different kegel fitness benefits for men. One of the most important benefits is that it enhances and strengthens the pubococcygeal muscle or PC muscle, which is identical to the muscle found in women. While most of the exercises are painful, kegel exercises are painless. These exercises can be done without equipments, all you have to give is time.

Kegel exercises also helps to strengthening the muscles of the pelvic girdle of men, as these exercises do in women. Kegel fitness system sustains not only the bladder but also the bowel. However, these kegel exercises for men affect sexual function. One of the benefits of kegel exercises is that it offers substantial help in averting and treating some of the disorders that are caused by flimsy pelvic floor muscles like urine leakage. These kegel exercises are extremely advantageous for the people having bladder control problems. With these exercises, a person can decrease premature ejaculation. The primary role of the Pubococcygeal muscles is to control the flow of semen and urine; however, it plays an important role in regulating the hardness of the penis while it is erected and also determines the power of the ejaculation. The ability of the penis to attain harder and longer erection can be improved with the help of kegel exercises. Below are some of the tips of kegel exercises for men.

You can perform these exercises twice a day with the duration of 5-10 in each session. There are no specific positions in these exercises. However, you can do it in any position. It is recommended to do while sitting. Doing Kegel exercises is quite simple as the people just have to hold back and stop their urine from flowing. It is better to do this for 3 seconds.

Guys! Ejaculation is a Challenge YOU Can Overcome

premature ejaculationWe all aspire to have the best sex life we can get. Today many men are affected by a variety of sexual issues and top on the list is premature ejaculation. It is defined as the persistent ejaculation by slight sexual stimulation just shortly after or before penetration and against a persons wish. In a more candid and common way it is referred to as coming quicker than you or your partner desire. It normally affects men in various age groups, every man has experienced it at a point in their life. There are various causes of premature ejaculation some believe it is caused by anxiety, others say it is muscular tension and others insufficient or excessive arousal. There are many products online on claiming to stop premature ejaculation majority of them don’t work. Here are tips on how to last longer in bed:


A sex therapist or counsellor has specialized training in assisting patients deal with sexual difficulties based on the context of their relationship. Sex therapy sessions assist patients suffering from premature ejaculation regain their confidence in sex as they may be experiencing premature ejaculation due to anxiety. Consulting a counsellor is another option as you will be able to talk to a professional unlike sitting out in shame unable to talk to other men. It is normally difficult to talk about it at first however with time it becomes easier to also talk to your partner and prevents creating any further tension between you.


Ejaculation is a reflex action just like other body reflex actions. It is possible to learn how to control ejaculation just like controlling urination, many people have done it. There are methods you can use to prevent premature ejaculation that require you learn intricacies of your sexual response in a manner that gives you time to prevent ejaculation.

Here is a video with more tips on how to stop YOUR premature ejaculation.